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    Paul Whiffin

    na-t clutch options

    Competition Clutch clutches are horrible to use and dont last very long, they're cheap for a reason.

    The Spec clutches are great, nice to


    Mini Movie Review

    I've just seen the last Jedi. I have never been so utterly disappointed in a film in my entire life; not only has it killed my interest in the franchise,


    Nod's Project Eric

    Name Change. The Supra is now called Skippy as my wife thinks it's a skip. However, the skip now runs on Link Management as an 2J NA. I had to cobble


    na-t clutch options

    Im using a act stage 3 or 4 not sure, its a full face item too so nice and easy on the gearbox, everyone says different things about different clutches


    NA-T/TT Head gasket

    Think its standard item, 1.2 or1.3mm that's what i used


    Front sub frame swap - off for galvanizing

    That reads exactly what I am planning. The steering is really tight on the car so I will just leave alone unless someone comes up with some rubber bits

  • Supra Garage

    needed some cooling my beast is unleashed ! TOTB4