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    To me it is just like "Americanisation", OTT, they do this with movies, car renovations etc, it's like they have to blow things out of all proposion


    Engine parts

    I have oem cam pulleys..15 delivered.

    I have the g300/400 aisin waterpump with back housing. Wpt116. The pulley part was too small for my


    RPS twin plate carbon clutch owners

    No I believe you have the latest version being a V3, just mine is a triple and yours is a twin.

    From the vid I can see what you mean, mine

    Andy Ven

    Gte Conrod stretch

    Just for closure on this thread for any future people wondering the same question.

    Bolts do need to be torqued up to manufacturers specs

    Andy Ven

    Supra hardtop v160 twin turbo, single turbo conversion and complete car overhaul

    So, ive been back in the garage doing some late evenings. Full bottom sump has been cleaned up and assembled. Very happy with the results. Just the bottom


    Help needed: Hand brake bracket removal

    shame, they are running pretty high in price. is anyone aware of any aftermarket solutions that look oem-ish? maybe one that i can just throw a dust boot

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