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    Front door soeakers

    Will these speakers fit directly into the stock door mounts and allow me to refit the door panel without doing away with the OEM speaker grill?


    Bonnet adjustment?

    Thanks for replies. I've adjusted the rubbers so that the bonnet isn't even resting on them but still there's a bigger gap between the bonnet and bumper


    New member - Hampshire

    and welcome. Great first posts. Those skylines are marmite, but good cars.


    passenger door panel removal

    Did you get it done peter ? Forget that just seen the date of your post lol

    peter richards

    police. this is not acceptable

    I did ask the fella if he could get it on as much social media as poss , I think its disgusting behaviour, you can almost hear the hesitation in the cops


    Ferlex's first supra build *Repost* (lots of pics)

    Just to clarify guys, I was not the one who did this on my car, I wish I had the skills and space to do something like this. Ive had a few people message

  • Supra Garage

    First pics of my new baby after a good clean