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    Hello There

    Reviving this old thread.
    Have put a deposit on a car, I am going with the heart.

    Hope to have it with me in a couple of weeks.


    Cryto Currency

    Anyone seen the whole Bitfinex / Tether carry on that's going on? $850 million lost by Bitfinex and they used Tether to try and mask it.


    Spigot rings

    I'd pop into your local trusted garage and bung them a drink to pop the wheels off and fit the rings


    Pre-Facelift Dash panels

    PM sent


    Long time lurker...

    Thanks Swampy

    Managed to get a few more pics last night:


    Timo's USDM HKS Twin Turbo project.

    Small updates to the Supra!

    I got the OEM front bumper repainted and Toyota badge removed. TBT front lip fits like a glow! I did not use

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