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    Toms TT6 VVTi

    Thanks mate.
    This one works on its on own. Stepper motor style. Iím actually selling it as I have one that illuminates white to match the speedo.


    New toy :) when I get back from holiday....

    Update time..... she is road legal and is running

    The day started quite badly, wouldnt idle and lost all power to start. But after

    wile e coyote

    SClub mkivsupra.net Summer Party, on Saturday 27th July 2019

    Just over a month to go guys
    Still some rooms available so if you don’t want to miss this get your room reserved


    IACV question

    2JZ VVTi's use toyota drive by wire to control idle, so no IACV


    Bonnet in Northern Ireland

    As above anyone got a bonnet for sale in Northern Ireland? Preferably a standard one but would consider anything.


    Toms TT6 VVTi

    Man, fair play to you! Excellent!
    A lot of work there! Very motivational for me to get off my ass and do some work.
    The car looks stunning!

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