• Supra Guide and Model Differences Chart

    Here is my revised version of Aerotop Dave's Guide to the Supra and his Model Differences Chart. I have converted them both to PDF format to make them more web friendly. The Model Differences Chart is attached to this post and contains details of which models and variants have which features.

    The club would like to thank Dave for his efforts in creating the original documents.

    For the most up-to-date information please see: Supra Guide and Model Differences Chart
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    I've just seen the last Jedi. I have never been so utterly disappointed in a film in my entire life; not only has it killed my interest in the franchise,


    Nod's Project Eric

    Name Change. The Supra is now called Skippy as my wife thinks it's a skip. However, the skip now runs on Link Management as an 2J NA. I had to cobble


    na-t clutch options

    Im using a act stage 3 or 4 not sure, its a full face item too so nice and easy on the gearbox, everyone says different things about different clutches


    NA-T/TT Head gasket

    Think its standard item, 1.2 or1.3mm that's what i used


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    That reads exactly what I am planning. The steering is really tight on the car so I will just leave alone unless someone comes up with some rubber bits

    steve spedd

    NA-T/TT Head gasket

    I do have a TT head gasket in the Garage should you go that route.

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    front brakes done