• Supra Guide and Model Differences Chart

    Here is my revised version of Aerotop Dave's Guide to the Supra and his Model Differences Chart. I have converted them both to PDF format to make them more web friendly. The Model Differences Chart is attached to this post and contains details of which models and variants have which features.

    The club would like to thank Dave for his efforts in creating the original documents.

    For the most up-to-date information please see: Supra Guide and Model Differences Chart
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    T2 MSW

    Facelift Uk wheels in black gold.

    The other thing that might be useful besides the inflated price is the size of the rims/tyres on them etc .... you know the details people would want


    Driver side A pillar trim

    Thanks I took mine off a few years ago to fit a gauge pod but can’t find it now


    Gearbox Mount crossmember

    Iíve got one in the shed for tt auto


    The £20K auto

    Indeed, collectors only want the very best and original examples of whatever they are buying. Sadly a lot of UK cars have been irreversibly butchered

    David P

    Gearbox Mount crossmember


    Dave told me he used a straight mount for his installation?

    If he did, then he should have the now spare boomerang


    The £20K auto

    People that are buying supras now are enthusiasts or collectors there 26 year old cars just like old Ford cosworths clean cars will always fetch good

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