• Supra Guide and Model Differences Chart

    Here is my revised version of Aerotop Dave's Guide to the Supra and his Model Differences Chart. I have converted them both to PDF format to make them more web friendly. The Model Differences Chart is attached to this post and contains details of which models and variants have which features.

    The club would like to thank Dave for his efforts in creating the original documents.

    For the most up-to-date information please see: Supra Guide and Model Differences Chart
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    18/10/09 South Coast Run - Part 1.1

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    18" SUPER ADVAN ALLOYS 9.5j pair

    18” 9.5J ET38 5X114.3 please correct me if the specs. are wrong and I will amend the advert.


    Fuel cut issue please help.

    I've seen something similar before, it wasn't on a DET 3 piggyback, but maybe problem is the same.

    There was an NA-T that had a TPS dodgily


    Smoke on idle when hot

    Could it not be really bad valve stem seals and really thin oil mate??


    Fuel cut issue please help.

    yeah it was not so bad when i got it back from maping. maybe did it once in a couple days now it does it when ever i drive it slowly lol


    Fuel cut issue please help.

    now i am not lifting my foot in them videos that my foot staying still and cruisung


    Veilside Teardrop Ti Titanium Exhaust

    Exhaust now off and at SRD. In very good condition. Please see pics.

    A little fabrication is needed to fit your car as it has been slightly

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