• What to Check When Buying a Supra

    I have converted the original "What to check when buying a Supra" thread into an easy to print PDF file. I have also tried to sort the list of checkpoints into a more logical order.

    The club would like to thank those who contributed to the original thread for providing the information required to create this document.

    For the most up-to-date information please see: What to check when buying a Supra
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    Frank Bullitt

    Hi stall

    ATF make the best transmissions but they are based in the US.

    Have a read at a recent thread where I have posted some relevant autobox info


    Tyre size help

    Finally got round to checking and the wheels say 17x19 1/2, so Iím safe to assume that a true width of 255 or 265 is ideal? Also what profile would be


    Japfest 2019

    Fantastic bud I will update the list

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    Japfest 2019

    Chris and I are booked in and tickets paid for


    Hit pothole. Now the slip control off & OD off lights are flashing

    Update…… Issue now fixed

    OK, so after being let down on a couple of purchases for a new engine ECU and also being told by a few places they


    Hi stall

    Ah ok, that's good advise.
    Have been window shopping at titan and srd built boxes today! Tempting but nearly at second hand v160 territory lol.

  • Supra Garage

    I\'m sure the front end is too high.