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    T2 MSW

    Huge Garage parts clear out

    prices reduced, last few parts to get rid of


    Supras In Vegas 2019

    As Pete has said, the dates have been announced.

    For some unknown reason they have moved it 3 weeks later starting on Thursday 10th October


    Supra MkV launch and updates thread

    Let's not rule out the brand snob, who will pay 3k more for a Toyota over the excat same BMW, with a higher grade of interior materials, quicker and looks


    Supra MkV launch and updates thread

    I think there is a flip side to that argument. -What if instead they dump on it? - what happens if they say its rubbish and not to wast your money on

    Rob W

    LED Headlight Replacement

    I bought some Novsight LED 9005 units for dipped and main. Seem good, prefer them then my HID’s I had previously.


    LED Headlight Replacement

    Will LED headlight bulbs be any more passable than HID? I ditched my HID's for Night breaker bulbs and side by side there wasn't any major difference

  • Supra Garage

    The day i got her!