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    1998 Toyota Supra TT RZ-S Auto

    Weekend bump


    Long time lurker...

    This was my intention rider! Definitely on the look out for some stock wheels! Wonder if anyone here has any for sale?


    Long time lurker...

    If you intend keeping the car stock it would be worth your while keeping an eye open for a stock set of wheels to buy as a spare set or even to put onto


    Hello There

    Reviving this old thread.
    Have put a deposit on a car, I am going with the heart.

    Hope to have it with me in a couple of weeks.


    Cryto Currency

    Anyone seen the whole Bitfinex / Tether carry on that's going on? $850 million lost by Bitfinex and they used Tether to try and mask it.


    Spigot rings

    I'd pop into your local trusted garage and bung them a drink to pop the wheels off and fit the rings

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