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    UK Spec Supra

    the easy way to tell if its a uk spec car and not a jspec car that has been retro fitted very well is the vin plate. jspec vins have japanese writing


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    Is our fly wheel solid or dual mass?


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    Adrian flux let me mirror my NC on both my cars


    Supra mk4 TT6 - Red, Rsp, Djg or Black

    As you may have seen my post in the chat section, I'm looking for a tt6 supra, must be original TT6 manual, the only exception would be a factory TT auto


    UK Spec Supra

    I would love to see the VIN plate on one of these 1A1 cars to see what the VIN says, are you speaking to the owner or through a thrid party ?


    UK Spec Supra

    Ah I know which car you are speaking of as it befell one of the greatest travesties known to a factory UK supra. It was indeed a 1A1 6 speed UK car the

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    engine bay my engine bay...