• What to Check When Buying a Supra

    I have converted the original "What to check when buying a Supra" thread into an easy to print PDF file. I have also tried to sort the list of checkpoints into a more logical order.

    The club would like to thank those who contributed to the original thread for providing the information required to create this document.

    For the most up-to-date information please see: What to check when buying a Supra
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    Boot dampers

    yes SGS is the go too company.

    Only issue is taking them off to get done, need to take apart whole rear interior


    Yorkshire Supra's

    For mine it was around 4200 for the work but then i paid a bit extra and had new seals, new windscreen etc.


    Boot dampers

    I just had mine tested are regased for 54 for the pair by https://www.sgs-engineering.com/gsc2...pra-boot-strut

    Uk based, Quick


    Yorkshire Supra's

    Thanks For that Ric. I remember following your build and thats the sort of thing im after. What amount of money im i looking at for that sort of job.


    BMW X5 2005 3.0L Diesel

    Hi Shane mate I’ve ended up getting an X5 mate, really took my time and viewed about 10 before decideding that this was the best one I’ve


    Boot dampers

    Can I buy new boot dampers ( oil or gas filled ) anywhere and how easy are they to change ?

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    The new look...