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    It took 25 people to design that?!



    Was thinking the same tbh. 10k for the top model not bad at all


    STOCK UK TT BPU+ autobox problem

    You have to drop the sump plate off the box to remove the filter but that can be
    done with the box still in the car.

    Is the atf a


    battery problem

    Unless you have a trade card at Halfords i'd look elsewhere, there was a battery thread very recently with
    an online company supplying quality

    David P

    Aluminium radiator expansion tank

    Excuse my slow response, I have been busy injector sniffing and hadn't noticed your post.

    That sounds like just the ticket, I'd


    Cup holder in a Supra. Anyone made or bought one?

    mine came with a twin cup holder too, in the centre arm rest

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    Lights at night.