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    Supra mk4 2jz manual prop shaft

    W58 or v160/v161?

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    T2 MSW

    Mercedes CLK320 3.2 petrol

    For sale is my CLK320 that I got as a cheap run around 6 months ago. Its been perfect and only reason im selling is because Im taking another car in part

    T2 MSW

    Nissan GTR 2009/59 Premium

    Im staying away if your takeing it then as I dont want to see someone else enjoying it lol


    Postage to Japan, who to use?

    £21 sounds fine to me I have just used parcelcompare to send a parcel but they have charged me extra after the parcel was delivered although I measured


    Postage to Japan, who to use?

    Evening guys, Iíve just had a guy from Japan ask me would I be willing to post my eBay item to Japan, I know many of you post items all the time, so thought


    F1 2018 Thread

    I sure hope so, I have £50 on Alonso to be 2018 champion!

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