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    Hi stall

    Thank for the links guys...
    Made for a very interesting read, although haven't quite got through all the info on David p section! That's allot of


    Sole Trader

    I'm about to become a sole contractor for the first time. Does anyone have any recommendation about how to handle the admin side of things? e.g. do


    Top Gear 2019

    Nothing on TV worth paying the license fee for these days.


    Top Gear 2019

    Did anyone watch on Sunday, ended up fast forwarding on the iPlayer it was that poor.


    EMU - SARD 650cc hot start issue, solutions?

    Some of the larger sidefeed injectors have been reported to show hot start issues regardless of what ECU they are running on. Might be worth getting some


    Top mount rubber cover

    Pm me your address bud, and I'll chuck them in the post on Friday [emoji106]

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