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    Gearbox Mount crossmember

    Ive got one in the shed for tt auto


    The 20K auto

    Indeed, collectors only want the very best and original examples of whatever they are buying. Sadly a lot of UK cars have been irreversibly butchered

    David P

    Gearbox Mount crossmember


    Dave told me he used a straight mount for his installation?

    If he did, then he should have the now spare boomerang


    The 20K auto

    People that are buying supras now are enthusiasts or collectors there 26 year old cars just like old Ford cosworths clean cars will always fetch good


    Oem 9.5j x 17 alloys all round

    Sorry was writing my previous reply during your post so didn't see it before posting, sounds plausible


    Driver side A pillar trim

    I will have a look in my parts later!

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