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    Rob W

    LED Headlight Replacement

    I bought some Novsight LED 9005 units for dipped and main. Seem good, prefer them then my HID’s I had previously.


    LED Headlight Replacement

    Will LED headlight bulbs be any more passable than HID? I ditched my HID's for Night breaker bulbs and side by side there wasn't any major difference


    Supra MkV launch and updates thread

    You`ve kind of missed the point here, it probably will drive real nice and so it should as bmw know how to make a great handling car.... but and its a


    LED Headlight Replacement

    I'm looking to replace my HIDs before the next MOT as they will no longer pass the new regulations. Can anyone recommend a decent LED kit? It's a facelift


    2jz gte piston oem or forged

    Cheers Chris!

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    Tearoom Tours 2019

    Tickets have started selling, would be great if we could get a few more members involved.

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