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    Frank Bullitt


    You know they are teaching children that there over one hundred genders now. Talk about indoctrination at it's finest! Here is some you might not have


    Front crash bar

    Anyone have a spare front crash bar for a 96 tt6?

    Cheers antno.

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    Cd changer for UK spec.

    No idea. Didn't know there were different type tbh

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    Cd changer for UK spec.

    If you could, that would be great. Thanks.

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    If you could, that would be great. Thanks.


    Joined long time ago - looking at Supras seriously now!

    Flash on and off both sides. Seems to be pretty flat apart from just about the plastic bit

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    Kids ride in toy Supras

    Yeah I remember Al posting up a pic but don’t think he knew of anywhere now, it’s a good shout though il message him incase cheers

  • Supra Garage

    the dream is a reality now!!! All polished up with smoked side repeaters fitted.