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    I have converted the original "What to check when buying a Supra" thread into an easy to print PDF file. I have also tried to sort the list of checkpoints into a more logical order.

    The club would like to thank those who contributed to the original thread for providing the information ...

    Here is my revised version of Aerotop Dave's Guide to the Supra and his Model Differences Chart. I have converted them both to PDF format to make them more web friendly. The Model Differences Chart is attached to this post and contains details of which models and variants have which features.

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    VIDEO: Supra club convoy to JAE 07

    Found this video on my old mac which I previously thought i had lost.

    Was a little vid i made of JAE 2007, the year when we won best club award.
    Oh, Happy days - These were the days when i was allowed out in public.


    Maybe a mod could embed the video or even put it into the club area.
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    ECU - TT Auto non VVTI

    If they can source one I will look into couriers


    ECU - TT Auto non VVTI

    My mate in the Caribbean may be able to get one as they have alot of 2jzs out there. I can ask. But remember the postage cost from there to here via DHL


    Is this forum getting smaller?

    Facebook is slowly killing forums


    Is this forum getting smaller?

    Also I used to refresh the for sale section every few minutes as I didn't want to miss out on things I needed....and things would be posted and sell very


    Best Cooling setup for the Supra

    My SRD twin fan set up has a manual override and works very well. The car runs hot, it has big twins and a built engine but I can sit in traffic switch


    ECU - TT Auto non VVTI

    If anyone has an ecu and are not sure which model it came off I am looking for one of these part numbers:

    89661-14490 - TT Auto J-spec

  • Supra Garage

    My Supra As I bought her