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    greetings, new here!

    wheels look great

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    greetings, new here!

    and welcome, stop worrying about it being an na, still fun to drive! Nice looking car.


    ACE Cafe Meet 2019 Sunday 28th APRIL 6.30PM

    Not sure if I'm too late or not but would love to join and meet some people on here. Should be able to bob down for an hour or 2

    1. Shane


    Test drive

    They are getting a test drive just not doing it themselves.


    Test drive

    My heads pickled just don't know if I want to sell but it was up for mot yesterday and sailed through as it does every year with no issues but I had only


    greetings, new here!

    Hello, I have been a Supra owner already for almost 2 years and decided register here as of late, I am from Finland and I've always wanted an mk4 supra

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