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    W58 complete drivetrain, spares/repairs

    Hey Cam - I'm currently doing a manual conversion on my car and need to source a prop and diff flange.

    Would you consider selling those 2



    Welcome Raj, what gearbox is now in the car?


    boot release - how to? :(

    Yes you do!


    2019 Club Calendars - Order List

    1. Blythmrk
    2. Ellis
    3. Mike2JZ
    4. Mattdavies - 1
    5. Ian Ian x 2
    6. samdale
    7. griffsplace
    8. Fitz x 2


    Gulf Car Festival 2018

    Cool pics, I was there a couple of weeks back for work! Shame I couldn't have dragged it out for this


    Greddy oled

    Any one had a problem with it he display not showing up and just being blank? Buttons are lit up and sounds when selecting but screen is just blank? Any

  • Supra Garage

    SRR Dyno 544bhp @ 1.35bar New Do-Luck front bumper and Carbon fibre bonnet sprayed black