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23-01-07, 11:54
I had a 1993 Vauxhaul Chavalier insured TPFT with Admiral. it smelled of biscuits inside and it's paint was so flat i got a friction burn on my arse trying to slide on the bonnet like starsky and hutch, but i loved it for the the daily M25 slog saving the supra for weekends.

Last year, 6 months into the policy, some tit doing a u-turn in a side road who shot back out on into the main road wrote the poor old Luton Taxi off.

Admiral advised me that i would have to keep paying the monthly insurance installments until the claim was resolved, they said the installments would be refunded pro rata from the date the vehicle was written off. i stupidly paid the premium monthly until the full year was paid for.

Now the claim is resolved as a non-fault claim. i.e not my fault at all. But because i was only insured TPFT, Admiral did nothing, they played no part in the claims process. everything was handled by a firm of solicitors who recovered costs and personal injury as a third party claim.

so the claim is resolved, just waiting for my cheque in the post. i am not at fault. so i should get my 6 months premium back and my no claims bonus.

Admiral are now saying i am not entitled to a refund of the 6 months policy i paid and i can't get proof of no claims until the claim is settled in full. (my new insurer is about to cancel my policy because i have been unable to provide proof of no claims bonus!)

So basically i paid insurance premiums for a car i didn't have anymore to a company who had no part in the claims process anyway.

i'm sure this incorrect. Admiral have been shit the whole time and constantly made mistakes and gave incorrect information.

surely i can get my 6 months worth of premiums back?

23-01-07, 12:07
What did your solicitor say about Admiral? What does it say on your specific policy?