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15-01-07, 19:48
Hi i just signed up.
I would like to admit to a few things.
I dont have a supra yet... :(
Although I did go to see one on sunday that I have my heart set on. I love it. Its a silver, 98 import, n/a, manual and totaly standard and perfect condition, i mean PERFECT, low miles compared to many ive seen (50k roughly). Its on for 7.5k. Which seems reasonable to me. What do you guys think? Id like an opinion. Ive been looking for something like it for a while and nothing has come close.

Ive wanted to own a supra for a few years now. I always go "ooooh" and almost crash when one goes past. I think i bored the guy to death on sunday going on about how its a dream car for me. (probably much like im doing now)

Secondly reading through the forums there are a lot of people here who know a great deal... On the other hand i don't. I can talk about cars. I love cars. I love driving. But i dont know much about technical mechanical stuff. So forgive me if i say something stupid!

Now i just have to sort insurance thats less than the supid 4 grand that confused.com told me :Pling: :blink: Ive taken a look at the insurers that the club has recomended. they sound good i'll give them a try.

15-01-07, 20:08
Hiya and welcome,

Ok, 7.5k is on the high side for a 98 n/a as I have seen some go for much less but if its mint then it's worth as much as your willing to pay, is it from a dealer? if so do you have any pics as there is chance someone may know of that car on here?

I take it your looking at getting a newer supra rather than a 93/94? as 7.5k would get you an auto TT for this price range.

I found elephant very good for a quote, I was paying 800 @ 21 on a import manual TT with 4 years ncb, I did a quote recently and it's now around 600 with 5 years ncb and 23yo.

Check out the for sale section here as often buying from a member is a good idea.

Oh and do you know if it's an SZ-r? with 6 speed box? or if it has uprated brakes,(the uprated brakes were an option from factory on post facelift cars which came in mid to late 96)

15-01-07, 20:10
Welcome :D

It is a 98, so its going to be nice, but im not sure its going to be 7.5k nice :) Did you attempt to haggle?

Tom S
15-01-07, 20:12
Now, I know this sounds bad, but pm some of the traders on here. They can sort you a car out.

also weigh up the old TT / NA coversation, both have good / bad points

Welcome to the Club btw!!

15-01-07, 20:19
Welcome to the club Guigsy :)

As Tom says have a look at the importers and traders aswell, but if your happy with it and it's a technically sound car then go for it mate :d


15-01-07, 20:34
it seems technicaly sound. engine purred nicely. Its as mint as ive seen, the interior was spotless and the seats were all in good condition etc, could have been new :).
I haven't got to the haggle stage yet. Id like to secure a decent quote first. Im 24 but only 1 years ncb. And so far they have been quite high.
I dont want an auto, i know there supposed to be good but i enjoy changing gear far too much :)
Its a 5 speed and i dont know about the brakes.

15-01-07, 21:01
Its a 5 speed and i dont know about the brakes.

Ok that'll prob be an SZ then, which also means no LSD and no optional larger brakes, say in the future though you wanted to turbo it then getting a 6 speed SZ-R with LSD and larger brakes would be a much better option as you'd be limited on power through the 5 speed and you'd have to upgrade the brakes for the extra power,if you keep looking around then for that money or less you will find one, imo I would hold out and keep looking.

I've seen the above ideal spec 98 sz-r go for under 5k last year, 50k miles too.

15-01-07, 21:17
im not looking to mod it i dont think, im a bit of a purist im afraid. and i dont have the time or the knowledge how to at the moment. all the other cars ive seen have mods already done i like how the car looks stock maybe some engine mods at a later date but nothing drastic. and i dont want to fork out any more on the insurance at the moment. the seller is local to me which is good. Ive found it hard to find manual cars for sale. let alone one i like. :)

Thanks for the help info and warm welcome tho guys

R Black
15-01-07, 23:56
Think that 7.5k is steep for an SZ even if it is a 98

16-01-07, 00:02
hi mate, good luck with the hunt:)

if you think that after a while you will want a bit more power, buy a tt. the n/a is very limited in terms of power gains

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:hello: & :welcome:

16-01-07, 16:00
7.5k is to much you can get a na for 5.500 up to 6.000 any higher than that is to much. wellcome to the club

16-01-07, 16:49
Welcome :)

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Scott =op

16-01-07, 21:06
Thankyou all.
I gave sun insurance a call and they gave me a great quote. much lower than i expected. online i had been quoted in the region of 3 to 4k lol.
Im not interested in turbo's for the moment. its faster than my clio. which is more than enough for me to handle :)