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15-01-07, 19:11
Hello guys,

Just joined up as i'm pretty certain my next car is going to be a supra. At the moment i have an MR2 turbo and i was in 3 minds whether to spend money tuning it, buy an already tuned one and swop engines or buy an already tuned Supra.

Not quite looking to buy at the moment as i am getting married in May but probably by the end of the year i will be seriously searching. Just giving my mind treats at the moment.

No doubt if i do buy it i will be bugging the hell out of you all but for now i'll probably just be a background browser.


Scott =op

15-01-07, 19:12
Welcome :)

15-01-07, 19:14
Welcome :D

15-01-07, 19:40
Hello and welcome

15-01-07, 19:42
Welcome :d I found just about all the info I needed on Supes from trawling through the threads on here. There's usually some very nice examples in the For Sale section - keep an eye out cos the cost of a wedding would get you a very nice Supe ;)

15-01-07, 19:46
Haha, yeah i'm pretty sure it would.

I've been browsing through a few sites but this one is by far the most comprehensive i have been to. The amount of Supra's for sale is excellent also.

I'm looking to spend between 9 and 10k for a mildly modded 400bhpish tt manual with a nice kit on it with around 60k miles and Preferably UK.

Not after much am i? lol

Scott =op

15-01-07, 20:14
Hello guys,

Not quite looking to buy at the moment as i am getting married in May but probably by the end of the year i will be seriously searching. Just giving my mind treats at the moment.

Does your new wife-to-be know about this yet ????? or are just going to spring it on her, once you are hitched. (lol)

Welcome to the club, and hope you'll manage along to some of the Scottish meets this year, with or without a soop - that is is your wife will let you.


15-01-07, 20:24
Yeah already cleared it with her last year. Spoke about it in depth and at that time i was allowed a 5k loan. So that plus my car should get me almost to where i wanna be.

Sounds good mate, don't really go on many decent runs in my car. Its only meant to be a weekend car but thats not happening at the moment.


Scott =op

15-01-07, 21:59
around 60k miles and Preferably UK

You'll be hard pushed to get such a low mileage UK mate :( . When I was looking the 2 lowest UK's I saw were 88k and 95k. Most were 120-150k. I went with the 95k one and it runs like a dream; mechanically sound. Couldn't be happier! Well, the roads could be dry, but you can't have everything :)

15-01-07, 22:24
Yeah, i kinda guessed that would be the case as its the same with 2's. TBH a UK one at the right price under 100k will be fine but a Jap one for the same money i would want to be considerably lower on the mileage.

Thing is, i've heard quite a few jap imports are clocked either before they get here or at the time of the clock being changed to miles. Some of the mileage on some cars is just unbelievable for their age.

Scott =op

15-01-07, 22:35
Well i got mine imported from Jurgen who is a member on this site, search for him. My car has 67000miles on her, and it came nearly BPU. All had to do was double decat, and a service from Envy.

I got my car for a bargin, and she goes like a bat out of hell, still not had her at 1.2bar. running 0.8 just now, waiting for the dry weather.

Could be worth speaking to him. www.jm-imports.co.uk

15-01-07, 22:50
I don't want to start hassleing people just yet as it will be quite a few months before i will be buying. I just thought it would be better for me to join the club and do my nosey so that when the time comes i know exactly what i want and i will also know how much i have to spend.

I'll keep him in mind though when the time comes, thanks for the link ;)

Scott =op

15-01-07, 22:52
Just had a look at your garage.

Nice looking car :D

Scott =op

paul ashton
15-01-07, 22:57
Welcome and good luck for a uk TT.I searched for a couple of months and ended up with a j-spec but everything upgraded and bpud so was happy.

15-01-07, 23:03
Oh i'm not knocking back a j-spec, UK would just be my first choice if it was on the table. I'll take either or to be honest for the sake of the minor differences.

Thanks everyone for the welcome(s). Such a friendly club!

Scott =op

R Black
15-01-07, 23:14
I think you will find if a jspec comes with a BIMTA certificate thats considered proof of mileage, i'm sure someone will correct me if i'm wrong. UK specs were higher mileage when i was looking also, i don'tthink japs do the mileages we do. Oh welcome by the way.

15-01-07, 23:21
Do all importers supply this or just the good ones? lol


Scott =op