View Full Version : Respect to you all

07-01-07, 17:02
Hi everyone.

Just wanted to say hello and thanks to the guys attending the Pompey meet today. I stumbled across 2 of you outside the hovercraft terminal so a chat was in order.

I was kindly invited for a cruise along the seafront to kill a bit of time so off we went. Anyhow I needed to refuel so left you guys there and by the time I came back there were 7 lovely Mk4's parked up, wow.

Well thanks for the warm reception and the invite to the meet on the 21st. Its nice to see that even a Mk3 owner can be treated with the same respect as you guys.

All the best to Jeff, Ash, Dave, Bret and all those there.

George and kids

07-01-07, 17:39
Glad you enjoyed it mate.

Hope the kids didn't get to impatient waiting for you :D

07-01-07, 17:50
Hi Jeff
They enjoy a drive out as much as i do

08-01-07, 20:18
all supras welcome mate, it was nice to meet you!

09-01-07, 19:02
Many thanks.
Plan to go to the RR on the 20th just to see what my turbo has.
Mate of mine has a Mk3 N/A but feels he wont cut it against you boys...silly. Missing the point I think.

09-01-07, 21:41
i will see you down there mate,

give your mate a kick up the arse! its all good fun no matter what you drive:)