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03-01-07, 21:43
Hey everyone, I'm just saying hello.

I'm picking up my Supra next weekend, a nice unmodified UK TT in red (some might think its boring but hey, I'm a traditionalist). Its in amazing condition and I can't wait to get behind the wheel again. I'll post some pics once I've got it (not that you don't know what it looks like of course, but because I can!!)

And Happy New Year to you all :)

03-01-07, 21:44
Hey. :)

03-01-07, 21:50
Hello and welcome to the club

03-01-07, 21:51

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03-01-07, 22:06
Welcome bud :cool:

04-01-07, 10:20
:welcome: to the club and take it easy ;)

04-01-07, 16:03
:hello: & :welcome: to the Club

04-01-07, 17:15
welcome- being a traditionalist i thought a standard Jap Supra would have suited more

mr lover
04-01-07, 17:18
welcome :)

04-01-07, 19:46
Hi and welcome to the club enjoy all the endless hours of sifting through all the fantastic stuff !! on here, good driving

04-01-07, 19:51
Hello and:welcome:

SupraStar 3000
04-01-07, 19:52
Hi Ed

04-01-07, 21:01

04-01-07, 21:12
I'm picking up my Supra next weekend, a nice unmodified UK TT in red

Welcome and good choice; they're the best ones ;)

R Black
04-01-07, 21:20
Welcome, look forward to the pics

05-01-07, 09:00
Blimey, I wasn't expecting quite such a response! Thank you to everyone who said hi / hey / welcome. And by way of a quick explanation...

I mean traditional in the sense that its unmodified and "as God intended" (or whatever the blokes name was). Like I said that may be boring but its my slight OCD side coming through, I like things as they were originally meant to be. And again, a UK one because that's what was intended for the country where I live!

There are a couple of pics in my garage now (unless I messed it up). I'll post some more soon. Honestly the wait is killing me, why doesn't money transfer faster in this stupid country?

06-01-07, 14:41
Bankers Draft mate! Hand over cash, receive keys, start engine, enjoy! Granted, they cost, but what's 15 when you're spending 6-8k on a car? I paid that way cos I know I wouldn't have been able to stand the wait :)

06-01-07, 15:03
Welcome :)

06-01-07, 15:31
welcome to the club :)

12-01-07, 09:24
Nearly there....

I pick the Supra up tomorrow, the wait is nearly over! One more manic day at work at that's it, hurrah. One nice bit of news was regarding my insurance who only wanted another 46 (for the 7 months of my policy left) to change my insurance from a Fiesta!!! (Please, don't ask).

By mid-afternoon tomorrow I will be one happly little boy, and then I'm sure the questions will start appearing on here (having searched the forums first of course :) )

12-01-07, 20:23
Read The Signature, I Am Not Allowed To Say It:( ...

19-01-07, 09:34
Right. I've got it now and it puts a big smile every time I walk past it, let alone drive it :D

I know you guys like pics so here are some more I've got (if I did it right...)

Ian R
19-01-07, 09:35

19-01-07, 10:05
very tidy..

welcome buddy :)

19-01-07, 10:13
Welcome :D

Looks lovely :)

23-01-07, 17:49
Quick question for someone. What lights should be on the dash if the engine is running and I've stopped at some lights (and like a good boy the handbrake is on :) ) ?

Currently I've got the handbrake light and that big warning thing bang in the middle. Is that right?