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06-06-03, 10:01
Just bought an Alpine CDA-9813R to replace my standard UK Toyota double din unit and i want to replace the standard speakers and add some bass.

a few of questions for you ICE boys out there:

1. My new unit is 60w per channel. how powerful is the external amp for the standard set? i'll have to rewire all the speakers if i don't use that amp. is it best to do that and use the alpines interal amp?

2. Where can i get a blanking plate for the hole that will be left? i don't want a pocket really, i want a blanking plate so i can stick a boost controller on it.

3. What sizes are the standard front and rear speakers? can anyone recommend some good ones that will drop straight in?

4. Bass enclosures. huge subject i know, is it worth building my own to fit or not? does the shape really matter or is it more a case of the size of the enclosure?

5. Can anyone recomend somewhere in hertfordshire/ watford area that can do decent installs? or is this something i can do my self? i'm pretty competent with a set of tools but really can't be arsed to get invloved with taking the whole interior out! (Lazy boy)

cheers guys...

06-06-03, 10:33
I did mine the other day and it took me about 4 hours in all.

I don't have the standard amp though it was already removed. But from what I can gather from the Wiring Diagrams I have, it can be bypassed using the Autoleads Adapter cable, but I'm probably wrong about that.

I used a pocketed single din adapter so I can't help with the adaptor plate.

But for the speakers I used a 17cm 2 way in the rear, that was a PITA to install, as the standard rear speakers are glue in, then screwed in, then the screws are glue over, complete PITA! Also the terminals are soldered onto the speakers. A small amount of modification was needed to get them to fit, but easy enough.

For the fronts I used 10cm 2 ways, but the fronts use a triangular fixing system, so I had to bastardize the original speakers to allow the new speakers to be mounted onto the triangular surround. Saves hacking lots of the original enclosure about. These were easier to do than the rears, as the rears need some serious effort to remove them from the glue.

In terms of DIY, it only took me 4 hours to install everything, head unit, Changer, and all four speakers, and I'd never taken the dash apart before. So DIY shouldn't be a problem.
Just remember that once you have installed your new stereo the aerial will be up ALL THE TIME, even if you are listening to a CD etc etc.


P.S. I always prefer custom boot installs that are built around the boot, and shape can matter, but size is more improtant.

06-06-03, 11:29
damn! i hate the ariel being up!!!

06-06-03, 12:34
Did this last weekend.

Get the autoleads adaptor from Halfrauds and just plug it straight in behind the dash. It bypasses the amp (which is pants powerwise anyway).

Only problem is you can only plug into front and rear speakers and not the sub (AFAIK) so you may need to look at getting a replacement bass set-up in the future.

Don't know about the blanking plate as I've fitted an alpine screen and in dash MD unit. External amps aren't wierd in yet, just running the standard speakers (minus sub) from the head unit.

(Where's Matt!!)

06-06-03, 12:41
The stereo has pre-outs just for a sub so no worries about them! i'll just hook them up when i get the amp and the bass box.

I think i'm going to design my own box to slot in like terawua's, i might try for a couple of 12's.


I like the idea of it being held in by the rear seats and being able to just unplug a couple of wires and taking it out for track days etc.

06-06-03, 12:52
I wanted to mount something in a blanking plate, but I couldn't find one that I could fit easily , so I used the good old Halfords cubby-hole thing and glued a bit of plastic to the front, cut to the right shape. I then mounted my turbo timer (got an Apexi RSM in there now) in that bit of plastic and used the cubby-hole behind to hold the control box (it had a display unit and a separate control box).

Steve W
06-06-03, 22:08
Just remember that once you have installed your new stereo the aerial will be up ALL THE TIME, even if you are listening to a CD etc etc.

NOT with the Sonys... the aerial goes down when you switch over from Radio...

Pi**ed me off 'cos I HAD a Sony, then swapped to a Kenwood MP3 !

But I've put an in-line switch to cut the aerial out until I DO want the radio.
{'cos I don't want it UP my Back-End either ! ! !:sly: }