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23-11-06, 19:48
Just checked the coolant level in the bottle and was empty, took the cap of the rad and there was a brown residue on the cap and around the neck. Filled up the coolant bottle and went for a run and the colour in the bottle had all turned brown. Do i need to flush the rad to get rid of this or is this a fairly common.:search:

23-11-06, 19:58
sound like it need to be flushed. Do it your self. Undo the bleed tap on the bottom of the rad. Then top up with TOYOTA for LIFE red stuff pre mix.

23-11-06, 20:06
As above. Im going to do this to my new supe soon too :)

23-11-06, 20:49
can you flush the rad by running water through it and then top back up with coolant

23-11-06, 22:04
can you flush the rad by running water through it and then top back up with coolant

Thats what I did

23-11-06, 22:10
Flush it both directions to dislodge as much crap as possible.

23-11-06, 22:13
how do you flush in both direction if its not a dumb question.

23-11-06, 22:40
Personally, I think you should do a complete flush, this way it will get rid of all the old coolant.

To do the complete flush you will have to drain all the old coolant. Easy way to do this is to disconnect the bottom radiator pipe (less time consuming). Put a garden hose in the top radiator pipe and let fresh water run through the block. Stop once you see clear water exit through the bottom radiator pipe

I dont think you should flush the radiator with the garden pipe as it will cause a lot of air to be trapped, so just drain the radiator by the tap at the bottom of it.

Once you have done all the above, loosen the Bleed valve/nut on the block to make sure the remaining water drains out the system. Retighten the Bleed valve/nut and connect all radiator pipes back.

Now that all the coolant system is empty, you can add your new coolant (Toyota For Life Red), think you will need around 10 litres for a complete flush.

Once you have topped it upto the correct level, start the car and let it reach normal temperature, keep observing the temp guage while you are letting the car idle.

With the engine running loosen the bleed valve/nut a little (not completely) until there is a direct stream of coolant draining from the block, this will ensure there is no air trapped in the system.

Top up the coolant to the correct level again and that should be you ;) .

Hope this helps and someone else from the forum can verify this as well :)

23-11-06, 22:41
Also dispose of the old coolant sensibly ;)