View Full Version : mk IV w/ a Salvage title should i buy questions?

10-10-06, 14:23
Alright as you guys know i am on the market for a supra.

i found one thats 900 miles away that

is really everything i want, its a 1995, NON turbo, Black, 5speed, and only 43,000 Miles!.

It has a salvage title

though, the guy has 2 for sale he said one had a burnt interior the other had some vandalism in the interior.
He said they are now both perfect inside and out, no body damage, runs great. nothing bad other than that SALVAGE title.

now i requested some more pictures, and was going to have him bring it to a mehcanic of my choice and have teh mechanic do a compression check, listen to the engine, check the underbody, test out everything, ect...

what do you guys think any advice?

He is only asking 9,500 for the car which i thought to be VERY cheap?

Ian W
10-10-06, 14:25
that probably is quite cheap in the US mate but i'm not sure what the SALVAGE title means over there.

i would probably steer clear and buy one that i know is 100% straight to be honest, could save yourself a lot of future hassle.

10-10-06, 14:26
Cat c

10-10-06, 14:30
A lot depends on whether you intend to sell the car on at some point in the future. If it's a keeper, then once checked out by a competant mechanic, the salvage thing shouldn't be a problem. If you intend to resell in a year or two it might.

(seems Supras are one of the few things that are cheaper in the UK than the US - there are a couple of NAs over here going for $3,750 at the moment!)