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22-09-06, 22:35
hi all

22-09-06, 22:36
Good evening.

22-09-06, 22:40
Hows it going Dini The Owl. Do you own a supra? if so any pics? are you male/female? etc etc and welcome to the club.

22-09-06, 23:18
:hello: & :welcome:

23-09-06, 11:36
Welcome buddy

Let's see some pics of your car mate? I hope its a red one!

23-09-06, 11:40
Welcome oh not really sure one :p

23-09-06, 11:43
Hello an welcome :)

23-09-06, 11:47
Welcome, im gunna guess its a gun metal grey one :)

23-09-06, 11:49
Hello and welcome

23-09-06, 12:11
Are you really an owl?

30-09-06, 11:36
Hi thanks for all your replies, im from ripley near derby.
I have a gunmetal grey n/a supra,just in the finishing stages of a 2jzgte tt conversion, Ive had my mk4 for about 3 years and decided it was time to beef her up by doing the engine transplant and using a 5 speed manual box instead of the stock 6 speed box.
hoping to find some friends on here with the same interests,parts swaping etc.
anyone out there local to me..? too bad my beast wont be completed for the santa pod jap show on oct 8th but i would like to have a chin wag with anyone who may be going down to pod.
heres some pics of my ride
hope youll like the finished project...?
cheers to everyone

30-09-06, 11:38
thats a very nice looking car, i can see why you decided to go the conversion route. :)

30-09-06, 11:41
welcome to the club :)

any reason you're using the 5 speed box over the 6 speed?

30-09-06, 20:01
Cheers guys for the compliments,yeah im probably like everyone else on here keeping there ride nice and polished up.
It took me some time to find a nice one,i was originally gonna go for the tt but i couldent find a nice one at the time for my budget. anyhow the engine is a nice project for me to do,i have spent last 4 weekends prepping and getting all the rear end sorted ie:lsd,prop,transmission,half shafts etc and its all fell into place now,hopefully this should be finished soon.
As for the 5 speed box question....well it seems like the 6spd box costs a fortune nowadays....Hmm..no but im really interested getting the 5 speed in this motor more for my own achievements,i dont thinnk there are too many people who have done this over here,i know some of the japs have the 5 speed setups in the 2jzgte motor and there supposed to be good fun.
I imagine the 6spd's also to be good fun but i cannot get the top speed out my n/a nowadays without being a paranoid wreck looking out for cars with more than 1 antenna if you know what i mean,just had a 99.6mph ticket over 0.9 mile.......what a waste..