View Full Version : Another newbie! Needing my first TT

10-09-06, 15:32
Hi, just thought i would say hello and let you all know im looking for a import TT supra, hopefully 95 or newer.
Anyway looks like a very helpful forum so will be visiting quite freqently i would imagine.

Matt :D

10-09-06, 15:39
welcome mate :) on thie forum something is always going on :search:

10-09-06, 17:13
Welcome mate. The only thing I'll advise is don't buy the first one that comes along.

Take your time buddy and choose wisely! It will make all the difference!:thumbs:

:welcome: mate!

EDIT: 1 More Hampshire bloke - GOOD MAN!

10-09-06, 17:13
I have a very nice (and well priced) TT for sale here (http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?t=81745).;)

10-09-06, 20:30
Hello Matt welcome to the forums, check out Mawbys FAQ on what to look out for when purchasing a supra! Very informative!

Good Luck!