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10-09-06, 12:37
Hi there im a new member thought id just say hi. you may not lke me at the mo as i dont own a Supra yet:oops: i made the mistake of buying a cossy intead but i am an enthusiast and have been for years and when the cosy is finished and sold it tt time. well thanks for listening

10-09-06, 12:38
welcome mate :) have you tuned the cossie much, hows reliability been?

10-09-06, 12:45
Hi i bought it off my m8 in the army it had been stood for a year and the rot had set in so as a painter i took it for a good price.when he had it he had the engine all rebuilt and board out to 2.1 but all the turbo, software and injectors are standerd it runs about 280bhp at the mo but can rung 400+ with new turbo etc. it is quite reliable but not as much as the jap stuff andits very sideways happy

10-09-06, 12:57
Hi bud welcome to the board. :) Nice cars the Cossies - I had the RWD Sapphire version a few years back and loved it. :cool:

10-09-06, 12:58
Hi Mr.B thats what ine is mercury gray 2wd saph

10-09-06, 13:01
Hi Mr.B thats what ine is mercury gray 2wd saph

Exactly the same as mine was then and the same colour too :) Have you got any pics ?

10-09-06, 13:04
ill try 2 get some up but it looks like a patchwork at the mo spots of primer everywere im making it mint again it had a lot of rust in the usuall place. rearquaters:banghead:

10-09-06, 13:10
Hi and wellcome... im a big cossie fan;)

10-09-06, 13:16
Ye they are fun and big bhp per pund but they dont have the reliabilaty of the japs and finding a good one is almost impossible. iv never been that big a fan and the only reason i bought it was the priceiv always been a toyota man my self gt4's mr2 turbos and supras that what i love

10-09-06, 20:31
Hello, welcome, good luck in your search!

10-09-06, 22:34
:welcome: buddy