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09-09-06, 16:04
hi everyone, im a new member to the forum and thought id introduce myself.

I currently drive a mint bmw e30 motorsport cab with a a 2.8 eta conversion, but i haven't ever really felt at home with it. I sold a my much beloved Celica Gt4 about a year ago and have regretted it ever since. I love the bmw straight 6 and rwd antics but the gt4 with its turbo power was just such a rush.

I am now looking to go the next step and get myself back into a toyota, a supra TT is what ive got my heart set on. Ive been offered by a friend who has a partnership in a tvr dealership a manual import TT on an 93 L in black. Its got 75K on the clock and has history. It is apparently in good condition (haven't been to see it myself yet) and is being chopped in. He reckons they havent really got space for it and said i can have it for what they getting it about 4.5K.

09-09-06, 16:17
Hello mate and welcome to the board. 4.5k is bloody cheap for a manual TT - make sure you get it checked over thoroughly. :)

Where abouts in East Anglia are you bud?

09-09-06, 16:23
Welcome to the club Sheldo

That is a good price for a manual TT, post pics and details so we can give it the once over for you.


09-09-06, 16:23
thats what i thought. My engine that was built for the bm was done by a recomendation from fensport. he looked after my gt4.

i live in march cambs

09-09-06, 16:23
Welcome. Bloody good price if its a good car.

09-09-06, 16:32
thanks for the welcome guys. Ill try and get some details up and see if any of you knowlegable people can tell me anything about it.
I thought it was quite cheap myself, hence i snatched his hand off inspection pending.

Can anyone tell me abit about supra ownership. I mean the scary stuff like massive bills regular or anything. I had my Gt4 18 months and used it to travel 50miles a day 7 days a week for 6 of them months at one point. I did used to give it a bit of stick now and again. I had to have a fensport stage 2 turbo and new exhaust and apart from that just servicable parts in that time.

I understand these cars aren't like running my dads clio but just wondered how relaible they are (only use a weekends now cause i work away)

09-09-06, 17:02
Have a read of this guide on buying a Supra, also have a read through some of the other threads in the FAQ in Tech section of the forum. Other basic questions you may be able to find the answer for using teh search button, anything else just ask away.


If properly maintained, ie. regular services, etc. then engine wise things *should* be fine.

With a car of this age though things wear out as they would on any car, eg. intercoolers, radiator, suspension components, etc. all of which can be pricey to replace.

The best thing to do would be to see if there is a member in your area who can come along and check the car over with you.