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01-09-06, 22:03
Hi guys,

Not a Supra owner yet unfortunately, but I am keeping an eye out in the "for sale" section and should be a full (twin-turbo) blown owner pretty soon!

Currently a Primera GT owner, but keep nicking the better half's MR2 and recently did a Caterham trackday - longing for that sports car grin!!! Current bike isn't helping the future of the current wheels either - my bike has from BHP than my car!

The Supra is a boyhood dream, and recent events mean I can afford one, so gimme a manual TT before I change my mind and buy a Vectra diesel!!!

Hope to be able to play with you guys soon (should I rephrase that?)


01-09-06, 22:11

mr lover
01-09-06, 22:21
welcome :)

01-09-06, 22:33
yaaay Welcome!!!
what colour supra you looking at buying?

02-09-06, 00:48
Thanks for the welcomes!

Colour... tricky.... not white or red.... I have a silver Primera now, so I'd prefer to go from something different. I like the blue, black or gunmetal Supra's.... I guess it depends what is the right price at the right time!!

All this talk on colour, its a bit girly, aren't we meant to be talking about manly things like limited slip differentials and brake horsepower and stuff?

02-09-06, 19:21
:welcome: Flip

Owning a Prim-GT is very much like owning a Supra.:blink: :blink: NOT :blink: :blink: You've seen the light and that's all that counts m8!!:thumbs:

02-09-06, 19:32
welcome buddy, good luck with the hunt!

02-09-06, 19:41
Thanks guys! Yeah, I know the Prim GT isn't QUITE a Supra, but I've need a bit of a load lugger for a while - hey, at least I didn't get a Mondeo! Prim has done be proud, surprises lots of people when you don't bother slowing down for roundabouts, its just a shame its takes so long to get going!!! Still need a load lugger really, but you only live once, and the Supra does have a boot - kinda.

Better half is looking at selling her MR2 as well :( but she wants an RX7 :d

Gunna be a fun household if it all goes to plan!

02-09-06, 19:46
welcome to the slippery slope!:d

02-09-06, 19:50
:hello: and :welcome: to the club. life will never be the same once you get a Supra, but all for the better :D

02-09-06, 19:53
Welcome - got mine three weeks ago after six months of waiting and hunting...

You'll love it :)

02-09-06, 20:25
Welcome mate,

I really love the look of the RX7 over the soop but i was worried about the reliability factor as my soop is a daily driver:)

02-09-06, 22:23
Get a rex and a soup - problem solved! RX7 reliability worries me too, but its a dream car for her - one of those things she's got to try, even if its only for a year...