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29-08-06, 15:46
Good Afternoon,

Been reading the forums for quite some time, and posted a LONG time ago.

I currently drive a FTO GPX, infact I'm the Webmaster for the FTO Owners Club (http://www.ftooc.org/) ... I've always loved the Supra and was close to buying one when I got rid of my MR2 N/A, but instead opted for the FTO, as I didn't think I was quite ready for the power. Owned the FTO for a couple of years now, and although she's great to drive, I can't help feeling I need more power. Now I know I could go for the bolt-on Turbo option ... but that costs around 5K+, so thought it would be an ideal time to look at getting a Supra TT.

Been reading the buyers guide and been to see a few examples .. although none of them have caught my eye and one or two looked like they had seen a few hard years.

I'm ideally looking for a Auto TT, would love the Tip version, as using the Tip on the FTO is great, but from reading it appears they are few and far between.

I'm not sure what type of budget I should be looking at ... say up to 6-8K. Would that be enough for a good example of Supra TT or should I increase my budget some more?

Any help would be great.


29-08-06, 16:26
Erm hello Ben. ;) Welcome to the club.....

8k should buy you a nice clean TT

I believe the Tiptronic versions are reserved for the RZ-S facelift models and you will most likely have to pay a bit more than 8k.

But anyway, good luck and there are some nice ones for sale at the moment.

29-08-06, 16:29
:hello: and :welcome: to the forum :)

not sure of the current prices of Tiptronic Supra's, but my 93 j-spec GZ TT cost me 7500UK last October and i really like it, condition wise it is great, only had a couple of problems, wheels needed realigning (thats due to 19inch wheels and bad roads down in Sussex) and turbo hose had split (after the recent hot weather). but other than that it's so much fun to drive either around town or on the open road.

there have been a few discussions about the costs of Supra's so that may help

so long as you take it carefully at first, there is no problem handling a TT Supra.

i wouldn't be without mine :)

anyways, enjoy your time on the forum it is a good place to hang out

all the best

29-08-06, 21:33
Welcome to the club. We hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions.. Oh have you found the search button yet? Its most useful ;-)