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wile e coyote
26-08-06, 17:17
Hi all not got my car yet but was wondering wot the max BHP i could get safely from standard engine and turbos ? also Mrkiv.com has bpu sets consisting of :
Greddy Boost Cut Controller
Walbro Fuel Pump Kit
Blitz SUS Air Intake System
Boost Logic 4
Wot sort of BHP would this lot give me

26-08-06, 18:48
Welcome matey, From Standard Tubbies i think you can get around 450bhp.

The bpu package would also need an after market exhaust with de-cats to get the boost up and a fcd(fuel cut defender). With that you should get anything from 390-420 bhp.

26-08-06, 20:15
around 400 max realistically.

26-08-06, 20:50
you can get a good 400-450 bhp from bpu mods depending on how bpu you go as such, the strength of engine is awesome do some research on the 2jz gte great reading.
In terms of max bhp it will take it depends on many factors, high boost leads to high egt's with small turbos you could blow an engine up at 500bhp it's all in the tuning and supporting mods, if correctly set up with a good size turbo the engine can take 700bhp all day long if it's looked after and serviced well etc and some stock engines have taken 800-900 for long periods of time and some also upto 1000-1100bhp.

Alluminium head
cast iron block
forged con rods
forged crank
stainless steel head gasket
inturnal oil squirters for cooling the piston crown

^ all above is from the factory spec engine ^ :) :cool:

wile e coyote
26-08-06, 21:11
Thanks for the replys guys .I will have about 2k to spend so i should be happy .Going to keep outside standard no attention !

26-08-06, 23:38
Since so few UK specs are around I'll assume you're going for a jspec. The mkiv.com site only caters for the "export" spec (US/UK/Euro), not jspec. For BPU on a jspec you need:

- Walbro
- 2x decat pipes
- 1.2 bar (max) Restrictor ring (without this it'll overboost)
- FCD (Thor only for jspec)
- FULL service including fuel filter
- Aftermarket Cat-back exhaust (the straighter the better)

Aftermarket air filter is NOT recommended - keep it stock. Boost controller is not needed either. You MUST have a decent IC otherwise top end power will be compromised.

The actual power you get varies a great deal between cars. If everything is running well 400bhp flywheel is expected, if you car is a good one 430bhp flywheel is max on stockers. I've not seen more than this on any trustworthy dyno.

wile e coyote
27-08-06, 08:41
thanks homer will price these items up. Always thought air filter would have been first to upgrade though ?

29-08-06, 21:51
Welcome to the club. We hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to ask any questions.. Oh have you found the search button yet? Its most useful ;-)

29-08-06, 22:12
Hello and welcome O Desertus-Operativus Imbecilius type one:)

29-08-06, 22:13
380-420 bhp ,the latter with an intercooler,maybe 450 with some cams as well IMO