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Mr T
18-07-06, 21:54
Hi everyone, just bringing this to your attention as this is not to be missed:d , the main thread can be found under the SOUTH EAST section. & please reply with any question's in that thread. Cheers Andy (Mr T)

Here's a great chance for a mini meet, plus a BBQ, plus seeing other car clubs which attend this event each year! For those not familiar with the event, the Fairmile pub (Portsmouth Rd) in Cobham Surrey KT11 1BW, is the venue for our clubs monthly South East Meet. The owners of the pub kindly lay on a BBQ / music / floodlights, all outside on the grassed area in front of the pub. There is designated parking for each car club, with the likes of Ferrari / Porsche / TVR / GT.40 / Corvette / Impreza, to name a few, who regularly meet at the pub and who will be attending on the Fri Eve 25 Aug 06. So this is a brilliant opportunity to gather OUR FINE machinery to show the other clubs how stunning the SUPRA is. Approximate gathering time is from 7.00pm onwards, with BBQ at approx' 8.30pm.
Pub requires numbers of people attending, so please add your name to the list on the calendar section. A.S.A.P. (Edit 13-08-05)
The owners of The Fairmile are asking for a donation of 5.00 per ticket per person for this event,at present I will be issuing the tickets on the day after you have parked up in the appropriate area. All you have to do then is take the ticket to the BBQ area & pay 5.00 to recieve your food. I have so far reserved 30 to 40 tickets for our club.
This event was 4 last year,but due to on going improvements of service & entertainment (ie more flood lights/band/DJ/extra staff & poss' magician) on the night, I believe this to be small price to pay for which will be a very enjoyable & memorable evening!

I will keep you all informed if any of the above information changes! Hope to see lots of Supras there on the 25th
PS we had 34 Supras last year,which was Brill', Would love to top 40 this year and show the other car clubs who is King!
A couple of Pic's from last year.

Regards Andy

18-07-06, 21:57

Mr T
16-08-06, 22:28

24-08-06, 22:12
i'm there if the weather holds up as its quite a drive for me

24-08-06, 22:52
Do it Dave you know you wanna, we shall be there.