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Big Bri
25-06-06, 20:36
I would just like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself,Im 45 years old married with 5 kids and my name is Brian,After doing the Probe and Calibra thing I have now decided it is time to finally live the dream and move on to a Supra,At the beginning of next year I will come in to a tidy some of cash so I am now starting to look around and find out what prices are like,Two of the things I know I will want in the Supra I buy will be It has to be a aero top and a turbo Oh and it has to come fully modded as I am sick of spending money on modding cars in the past,Money that never seems to reflect on the price when you come to sell,In past clubs I have been a member of I have always taken a active particitation in events and strong support of the club so I look forward to meetin a lot of you's in the future,One last thing I know from past experiance that a club is probably the best place to buy a car as people tend to take care of them more so watch this space.;)

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25-06-06, 20:48
Welcome to the club Brian :)

25-06-06, 20:48
welcome big bri, good choice of next car:thumbs:

25-06-06, 20:49
:hello: and :welcome:

25-06-06, 20:50
Welcome to the club!!

Tom S
25-06-06, 20:52

Speak to Jurgen on here, he has a good rep, but there is others as well.

25-06-06, 20:55

26-06-06, 09:40
welcome, we have loads of events this summer so come along pre-supra :)

black cat
26-06-06, 09:41

26-06-06, 10:23
Welcome to the club mate. Good choice of supe you want. You will love a TT Aerotop, but there are'nt that many about and they are only J spec imports.

Good luck with your search.

Mad Matt
26-06-06, 10:25

paul ashton
26-06-06, 10:26
Yellow matey and good luck.

26-06-06, 10:26
Welcome, have fun hunting!

26-06-06, 10:33
Hi, and welcome to the club. You should have a word with no1_boyracer. He has something you may like!


26-06-06, 10:48
welcome mate

26-06-06, 11:04
Hello. :)

26-06-06, 12:30
Welcome to the club Brian :thumbs:

You should be able to find everything you woudl ever want to know about the MKIV Supra on here, suggest you check out the FAQ in Tech section and use the searcg button for other topics of discussion. Anything else you can't find then ask away, as this is a very friendly place with lots of experienced members.

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26-06-06, 13:13
Hi & :welcome:

Perfect choice on model of supra;)

Big Bri
26-06-06, 16:05
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone,"yes Suprasupragz I have to agree that boyracers car is very nice but like i said I am just window shopping at the moment and getting a feel for prices"I will pop along to a local meet soon to have a good look around and a chat,My knowledge on the Supra is very minimal at the moment like the various models and all so I have a lot to learn.Just one question at the moment,Does the Supra come in yellow?Thanks once again and I will speak to yous soon.