View Full Version : How easy to DIY service for N/A?

16-06-06, 23:17
Hi Guys
The Supra's due a service at 64000 miles. How easy is it to do youself or is it a nightmare? It needs plugs which looks like fun aswell as disc's on the front. Any good replacement's out there which wont cost the earth?
Or does anyone know a garage in the Berkshire area? How much for a full service?
Is it next Tuesday down at the Comet car park?


16-06-06, 23:20
Do what any other mechanic will do,

kick a tyre, open the bonnet, look at engine, look in washer bottle, scratch head, close bonnet and clean you off 300

Apart from brakes i would do the service myself, although i get someone to do it as i cannot be arsed.

16-06-06, 23:24
Plugs are a pain in the arse as you have to remove the inlet gubbins. I wasn't going to do that so gave mine to ChrisW to do.

16-06-06, 23:26
Wrong section for this question bud - try Supra chat. ;)

16-06-06, 23:29
give your self a sunday and you will do it fine.... 4 of the plugs are easy to do.

then you just undo about 6 bolts and the thorttle body will split over the top of the other 2 spark plugs... you'll then be able to change them.

took me around 4hours doing it slow and being stupid. I could do it under an hour now :)

Oil change very easy....just like any other car

16-06-06, 23:59
its fine im a complete newbie just set yourself 4 hours to be safe side and you can do it all...

if you need advice and pointing to guides just yell.

took me ages the first time but now i know how everything goes back together its alot easier

plus if you do it yourself ...
1 its free
2 its done correctly (no sweaty garage jockey messing about)
3 the big smug grin you have for yourself afterwards (well i was chuffed its not something i do everyday so was a challenge)


17-06-06, 00:07
and then something goes wrong and you've no-one but yourself to blame... :(

17-06-06, 00:15
its only a service lol.... if something does go wrong you should be to blame... there is enough people willing to help with advice, wisdom and guides on here it should be pretty hard to mess up...

i didnt mess up so that must mean something. lol


17-06-06, 00:20
A service isn't a nightmare, just time consuming (On the first go). It's well worth doing yourself. Just be sure to take your time and you'll be fine. as said above you'll get alot of satisfaction from doing it yourself.

as for brakes, again it's easy to do, only a few bolts to undo on the caliper and the caliper carriers and they're off. only thing to note is to be careful and take it slow when pushing the caliper piston back.

17-06-06, 09:40
guide on changing plugs, should help :)


18-06-06, 00:41
Brakes, just done mine last week. As above take off calipers and spring clips, find out which type of pads you have, buy them in advance from motor factors. SAnd down with 120 grit the discs if they're glazed, get em shinny again. File pads too if they're glazed. Paint up calipers, get em looking sexy, and add supra decals, total job 1 day!

18-06-06, 16:49
Thanks for the info Guys
Going to give it a go myself:)