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24-05-06, 17:40
Just about to sell My Chimeara 450 and come back to the world of Japanese cars, also running an FTO.

The question is R33GTR or VVTI TT?

Insurance man seems happy to charge me a kidney for either.

24-05-06, 17:42
Definitely go for a Supra TT, looks so much better than a skyline IMO (I know I'm a bit biased)

Oh, and welcome to the club!:d

24-05-06, 17:49
How rare are the UK spec TT's?

24-05-06, 17:52
Pretty rare by all accounts, they will offer you cheaper insurance compared to imports though.

they do come up every now and again, check the for-sale section I think there's one in there.

Ian R
24-05-06, 17:54
Supra any day R34 different story