View Full Version : reading jap meet 16th may

06-05-06, 20:01
not sure if this is in the rite place so if its not im sure the mods will place it in the right one!!

but anyway the reading jap meet is back!! new organisers and we are hoping for a massive one this month!!

hope to see you all there

anyway here is the new flyer thats been created any probs pm me, or nick from teamshock.co.uk we are more than willing to halp out!!

would be good to seem some off the supra's down at the readinh jap meet, loads off you used to go but seems to have died down since defs stopped organising it, so hopefully this month will be a massive one again and the meet will get back to its old self as it used to be such a good one!!


06-05-06, 20:08

get some more mitsi's up there ???

06-05-06, 23:22
sorry didnt realise nick had allready been here