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06-05-06, 18:49
hello every one ive been looking at the forum for about 6 months now since i got my supra but never got around to regestering so i thort i would use my thirst post to say hello

06-05-06, 18:51
This is rare for me but as I'll be the first this time...


06-05-06, 19:04
Hello Matey

Prof. Monkey
06-05-06, 19:06
Good afternoon Higgs, have you got some pics of your motor, so we can have a butchers?

Welcome to the forum, glad you have joined - enjoy your stay!

This place is like Royston Vasey - you will never leave. :eyebrows:

06-05-06, 19:06
:hello: :Pics: :please:

06-05-06, 19:17
sorry no pics at the moment as the car is in pieces haveing work done and the pics i did have i lost when i had to wipe my laptop the other week ill post some when the car looks a bit better. its a jap import tt but now runs a huge hks single and should be in the region of 700bhp

07-05-06, 03:58
:welcome: to the club mate

Which HKS kit do you have fitted, what the rest of the cars spec?

07-05-06, 13:49
Hello and welcome 0 illiterate one:)

Max Headroom
07-05-06, 13:51
Welcome and enjoy

Ian R
07-05-06, 13:53

07-05-06, 22:43
im not sure what turbo it is i will have a look next time i am at the garage but im sure its the biggest hks turbo u can buy off the shelf. i am only really finishing the car to how i want it most of the work was done by the previous owner. i wanted a big spec car but could not afford to do it myself. some of the spec off the top of my head is
blitz bodykit
top secret cf bonnet
cf rear wing
blitz wheels
blitz nurspec exhaust
blitz 680cc? injectors
hks induction kit
all hks engine internals
hks pullys
hks triple plate clutch
hks intercooler [the biggest one i think its the type s]
pace alloy rad
tein coilovers
brembo brakes
hks f con engine management
veilside inlet manifold
hks ssqv dump valve
screamer pipe
roll cage
6 sp manual
plus loads loads more
mapped and dynoed at abby at 1.5 bar at 599bhp at the wheels around 720 at the fly wheel when mark at abby drove it he said its an animal and he had the wheels spinning in 4th in the dry. the cars had around 70k spent on it in total and i think it could run about 1.7 bar and hopefully push on towards 800bhp. i am also planing to put nos on it set up so the nos comes in when its off boost.
ps. sorry my spelling is not the best i guess thats why i work in a factory and not a office

07-05-06, 22:46
sounds a nice car:thumbs: we need pics:)

07-05-06, 23:32
Hiya. :)

07-05-06, 23:34
welcome to the fold. we NEED pics:D

07-05-06, 23:34
hi and welcome

15-05-06, 17:49
i went to the garage today the turbo its running is a HKS T51R witch i think is good 4 around 900-1000 brake. still no pics yet as the car is still in pieces hopefully it should be looking a bit better in about a week or so and will try to get some then

15-05-06, 17:52
:welcome: buddy.. sounds like a beast.. we like piccies of Supra's in bit too you know... :d

Matt H
15-05-06, 17:56

me new too, but your will soon find what a great bunch of helpful and freindly people reside here!

04-06-06, 20:15
ive finally got a few pics but i dont know how to put them on a post could ne1 help me please

04-06-06, 22:20





cracked it hope u like it

04-06-06, 22:22
Hello and welcome to mkiv supra.net

04-06-06, 22:25
:welcome: and very nice motor:)

04-06-06, 22:51
im off to the worldcup on friday for 3 weeks and the car should be ready to pick up when i get back i cant wait