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06-03-03, 15:03
Some people love the new wing....some hate it....u judge!!

06-03-03, 15:04
pic 2...bit dark

06-03-03, 15:04
pic 3

06-03-03, 15:05
pic 4

06-03-03, 15:06
pic 5

06-03-03, 15:07
pic 6

06-03-03, 15:10
ok no pic 6.......so what do u think?

Kevin Huntley
06-03-03, 15:30
Nice car Nick! Like the wheels (Braid) same make as mine but different design! I am not fussed on the spoiler, I think I would find it slightly more acceptable if it was closer to the bodywork it just looks to high, you need smaller struts!

IMHO but each to there own!

06-03-03, 15:34
yeah I know what u r saying Kev, but I went for the 16" one, not the 12" i think....must be making up for something ha ha!!

06-03-03, 15:36
Spoiler looks crap

06-03-03, 15:37
ooohhhh so nasty u r haha....u should have put IMO........

06-03-03, 15:47
hmm not sure to be honest.
I like the idea of the spoiler but it does seem a bit to tall and wide, I thikn if I go that route I'd go for something a bit smaller, but as with all these things it always looks different in the metal.
but top shout for trying something a bit different.

06-03-03, 16:01
Spoilers too small and understated.

06-03-03, 16:02
Nice Motor, Love the wheels, not sure on the spolier, prob look better if you had more of a kit on it, veilside perhaps and slightly smaller struts. Never the less good to see something differant.

06-03-03, 16:17
Where's King Kong?

The Spoiler equivilent of Marmite.


06-03-03, 16:26
Very nice, I like the red paintwork. ;)

Martin F
06-03-03, 17:06
Anybody seen my Meccano ?

06-03-03, 17:10
:( .....OK,IMO the spoiler looks terrible.I know Supras can get away with a wild spoiler,but yours to me looks out of place.It seems too big, and too high off the boot lid.What on earth does that do to the aerodynamics at speed? Sorry to sound negative,as i said this is only my opinion,and you asked for opinions,if you like it then fine.Regards Al.

Terry S
06-03-03, 17:12
Sorry Mate but that spoiler is too big.

What size wheels are they??

Mark Ayling
06-03-03, 17:19
I'm definitely a big spoiler man, but I really don't like that at all, far to big/high and especially as you have no other bodykit on the car..........IMO of course!

(sorry, no offense intended)

Adam W
06-03-03, 17:24
It looks absolutely bloody awful! What kind of statement are you trying to make? "I may be blind, but I still have a driving licence" springs to mind . . . :looney:

06-03-03, 17:53
Not a fan :(

06-03-03, 18:05
Spoilers too small and understated.

I agree with Flipfinger.:p

06-03-03, 18:14
Nick, if you are happy and can live with it then thats all that matters, i personally could not live with it but then thats just my opinion. ;)

06-03-03, 18:56
Rims yay
Spoiler nay

Graham Rudd
06-03-03, 19:20

06-03-03, 19:49

06-03-03, 20:39
thanks for the opinions guys....very funny....I wanted something different and I like it....each to their own I say....I really dont like the stock spoiler so needed a change and didnt want the TRD spoiler cause its becoming too popular....and by the sound of your response this spoiler will never be a popular one...

I am getting the bomex kit on in late march so maybe it will look better in your eyes then....then it will pretty much be the exterior of the fast and the furious car apart from the hood.
That film inspired me to get the spoiler....I believe its the same on.....same height...wasnt keen on the shorter one.

Thanks for the opinions

06-03-03, 20:41
Adam W.....not making a statement......not trying to stand out too much either cause I am not that type of person....i like it thats why I have it

Supra Pilot
06-03-03, 21:04
Nick, I personally don't like spoilers like that on ANY car, think they are suited for pure track cars.
They are 'real' spoilers(purposefull)...not for cosmetics

I will reserve judgement on yours as I think it needs to be seen live.....
Those photos you took are not at all flattering(?), especially that rear shot.....I think that rear angle shot exaggerate the height etc of it.....

Thank god for nice wheels though.....:p

06-03-03, 21:12
yeah it looks way better in the metal, doesnt really look as high as in the pics. I have it purely for cosmetic reasons anyway cause I dont drive fast generally anyway and never fast round corners, I know I got banned but that was for speeding in a 40 ha ha.

06-03-03, 21:21




06-03-03, 21:31
great wheels dude but ..... eerrr, not too sure about the spoiler! i guess whatever makes your clock tock....at the end of the day, you can only please yourself mate so enjoy.

Ibrar Jabbar
06-03-03, 22:04
Nice wheels Nick;)

06-03-03, 22:55
i thought u would like them wheels Ibrar:innocent: .

People may hate the spoiler but the OAP'S bloody love it.. had this lady about 85 walk past with her dog, she stood behind my car for 2 minutes trying to work out what it was. then this old dude drove past in his OAP buggy, stopped next to my car even tho he was driving on a main road and was trying to work out what the car was.

this was my dads reaction to the spoiler :twak:

Gordon F
06-03-03, 23:02
Dont park on Green Street - they'll be eating their chips off it :)

06-03-03, 23:13
lol gordon.....dont know about chips....maybe pie n mash....but luckily this season I have not had a season ticket.:cool:

06-03-03, 23:20
Nick if you like it stick with it. It is certainly different, good luck to you. Should look better with the rest of the kit. JMO

06-03-03, 23:24
Yes Phil I bought it because I liked it, so I agree with you, so many people have stared at the car in the 2 days I've had it....probably most are of the opinion that this BBS members hold, but I have had more of a positive reaction from people who have seen it and chatted to me about it.

Just gotta get the bomex kit on now and the RLTC fitted....thats still sitting at home ha ha

06-03-03, 23:34
E-mail me when you get it fitted and I'll sort you out with a good dat file for your RL. Unless you have one already.

06-03-03, 23:36
Phil, I'm the guy who emailed u last week about the file and u sent it to me already...and thanks very much for that...just gotta get my ass moving and get it fitted...think I'll call Justin 2moro.

06-03-03, 23:38
Each to there own i say......;)

06-03-03, 23:40
Doh sorry Nick, I have sent so many out in the last ten days I forgot who has a file and who does not.

07-03-03, 00:29
"Spoiler" is the correct word here. Sorry IMO :-)


07-03-03, 00:52
If it floats your boat mate then way to go.

Like you said some people will spend thousands to get their pride and joy looked at. You've spent a lot less and probably get more attention :) . Alternative psychology, like it ;) .


07-03-03, 08:23
i hate it, think its spoiled such a good car
you have smart wheels. you like it and that is all that matters. i like the trd one looks different to stock makes it look more sporty. i know they are common now but they do look good.

some side skirts and front lip is subtle yet stands out.

have fun

Terry S
07-03-03, 09:31
Originally posted by nick_karkie
People may hate the spoiler but the OAP'S bloody love it.. had this lady about 85 walk past with her dog, she stood behind my car for 2 minutes trying to work out what it was. then this old dude drove past in his OAP buggy, stopped next to my car even tho he was driving on a main road and was trying to work out what the car was.

I think you'll find that OAP's are mistaking it for the latest model from Zimma:p

07-03-03, 09:50
"Excuse me, I think I asked for the large spoiler" :p

Cant say im that keen myself - I reckon the stock wing looks ok, but whatever floats your boat eh?....

07-03-03, 09:51
yeah the lady tried ripping it off the back so her walk home would be easier:innocent:

07-03-03, 10:04
Am I the only person who can't see the spoiler in the pics - is it small and subtle because I really can't see it?

Any then I opened my eyes - whoah!! That's a mighty large spoiler and certainly not my cup of tea at all but if you are going for the F&TF look then you are on the way I guess.


As you've already said the addition of a full kit should help balance thinks out a lot and the photographs might not be helping the cause that much, probably looks less "rudeboy" in the flesh :innocent:

Sometimes you have to "dare to be different" - I'd say you were the Daredevil :eek:

07-03-03, 10:10
thanks Mike but if I had a pound for the number of people who have said "what u trying to do, fly it!!!"...then I would be 100 better off already.
I dont judge what other people go for, if they like it then thats their choice....i like opinions but not judgements, but most people on here have given their opinions with a few exceptions being rude.
Body kit goes on very soon! Cant wait!
Then next step I think is taking it to Leon for some engine mods!

07-03-03, 10:28
Neeeeeds the kit.

07-03-03, 10:42
The spoiler ruins the car IMO

You'd have been better with the smaller one, unless your car looked like the sup in TFATF your not going to get away with it. It looks awful :(

The Sup has such clean line its a shame to ruin them!


07-03-03, 10:45
Would now be a good time to mention how good the Supra looks with no spoiler at all :D



07-03-03, 10:46
thats funny because its the same spoiler....the stands are exactly the same height and they are both bi-plane wings......hmmmm

07-03-03, 10:47
Sorry mate I've since edited the post :) :cool:

07-03-03, 10:49
Originally posted by DArby
Would now be a good time to mention how good the Supra looks with no spoiler at all :D


Looks very :cool:

07-03-03, 10:49
ds, maybe its just that the other car has a body kit and graphic that makes it look better, or maybe the fact that its a 700bhp+ car overrides people judgement ha ha

07-03-03, 10:57
lol more than likely!

That car made me love Supra's more than is healthy I'm sure! :D

I think it needs the kit to get away with it though :)

Just my 2 cents :)


07-03-03, 10:59
That car made me love Supra's more than is healthy I'm sure!

hmmm....just stay away from the exhaust and petrol tank:devil:

07-03-03, 11:06
lol will do :)

07-03-03, 11:31
Nick mate,

when u get the bomex B/kit u d'fn'tly will look the bollox :D but as it is, the car actually looks smaller :p
Nice 1 ..enjoy


07-03-03, 11:32
thanks.....first compliment out of 60 replies ha ha

07-03-03, 11:46
In that case, when the car is good n' ready .. lets have a look at it :cool:

eeeeezy now

07-03-03, 11:47
what u mean in person or u want me to send u pics via pm?

Terry S
07-03-03, 12:29
Originally posted by nick_karkie
or maybe the fact that its a 700bhp+ car overrides people judgement ha ha
This is the UK copy of the F&TF car yes? Didn't think it was anything like 700 bhp+:eek:

07-03-03, 12:30
Hopefully u'll be ready for the 29/03/03 West end Supra round..
We are doing one tonight if u free ;) ?

we'll take a good look at it for real ..
Take..'re :cool:

07-03-03, 17:48
:eek: .......seriously, how does it affect the handling? You don't have to be going 150 leptons.Even 50 mph you must notice something?..............front wheels coming off the ground maybe?:) Al.

07-03-03, 22:30
Earth, I'm up for that....not met anyone with a supra before and it'd be nice to see other peoples cars. Is that a sat night?

I just went 120 leptons about 5 mins ago and handling was good as ever but its very windy out tonight.

Supra Pilot
07-03-03, 23:11
Nick I must congradulate you m8, well done you took it well...

I think this thread created the most interest ever....look at the # of viewing this thread has......almost 1000 in 3 days!

Wayheyyyyyy for the man with Balls......

07-03-03, 23:16
Pilot, well firt I am not the type of person who takes offence to peoples judgements cause I know what I am and I know what I'm not, and at the end of the day its peoples opinion and everyone is welcome to one without me worrying, and I did post the pic for peoples opinions even though at the end of the day the only opinion that matters is mine.

My girlfriend even hates it haha

07-03-03, 23:22
and its only been 1 and a half days aswell LOL.......good huh!!!

Supra Pilot
08-03-03, 09:55
Congradulations Nick, you are now as popular as a turd in a swimming pool......:littled:

08-03-03, 13:20
omg lmao :D

08-03-03, 16:04
it's what you like mate not what we like yeah...

Tiz a little high though, rather than down force do you find that air traffic give you directions and local military jets ask you to divert!

nice motor pal... location looks familiar - Kent?:p

Supra Pilot
08-03-03, 19:07
Originally posted by Mid'lifecry'sis
... location looks familiar - Kent?:p

Dude you kill me......

08-03-03, 22:07
i live just a few miles from kent...about 2 miles from the QE2 bridge near lakeside. and yes I need clearance from traffic control b4 I land my beast!:thumbs:

09-03-03, 00:29
Originally posted by nick_karkie
Some people love the new wing....some hate it....u judge!!

It's your car and its a Supe so just enjoy mate.....

:cool: :flame Dev

PS My bird ain't a great fan of my Supe and the way I drive it but she has an Astra Merit 1.4, nuff said.:D

09-03-03, 10:30
:confused: How can your girlie not like the Sup?

My girlie can't wait till I get mine :D

09-03-03, 11:36
Well I aint going to say anything on the spoiler, as I think enough has been said already. Hopefully your be at the meet on the 29/3, as I wouldnt mind having a proper look myself.

And I see everyone keeps on saying "nice wheels", why...??? I dont see them as anything specail, yet I have heard people say over and over before, "nice wheels", to this type. Or is it that Im just so un-educated in wheels that I cant spot a good set when I see them.:D

09-03-03, 22:51
well who are you ashley to say whether wheels are nice or not....if other people like them then thats their choice.....u like yours and thats your choice to and I wont make any comment on them

10-03-03, 13:08
Nik, Dont go getting all defensive mate, firstly I already said that I know fuck all about wheels, I just think the spoke part of it isnt anything special, the spoke's are too wide, I like the deep dish though. And why are you having a go at me when others in this thread have said more damaging things about the way your car looks, at least I wasnt as blunt as some people.

Originally posted by Phate
Spoiler looks crap
I was just giving my opinion as you asked for, and wondering why these wheels seem to be popular. Feel free to comment on mine, as I think mine are a bit simple, but hey, they come with the car......

But seing as I have been told off, I might as well get my monies worth, spoiler looks shit, rip it off and stick the stock back on, This isnt my true opinion, and Im not against it or for it, but your car does need that bodykit. As I said before are you going to the Soho meet as I wouldnt mind seeing your car in the metal.

Nice looking car though, and top choice on the Bomex bumper, can I ask where your getting it from and how much......

/No hard feelings/

08-06-04, 15:16
You would not want to put that wing upside down it would have more lift than concorde.
Need more of a aggresive rear spat Bomex would be a good choice with the spoiler but maybe not for side skirts

08-06-04, 15:44
Cripes that must take top spot for resurrection of an old thread!!


08-06-04, 15:48
oldies are always goodies like my white dials

08-06-04, 15:53
Technically speaking Concorde was not build for lift, rather to attain high speed with low drag for standard levels of lift.

And it was white.


08-06-04, 15:58
all aircraft must obtain lift either at slow speed or high at slower speeds lift is more important
theroy of flight lesson over

08-06-04, 16:02
Indeed - so the comment that the wing in question "would develop more lift than Concorde" is moot. :)


08-06-04, 16:10
If you study any proper spoiler you will note that it has a air foil shape but upside down creating the oposite effect to a wiing i.e lift upside down or downforce!!
jokes are never funny when you have to explain your self

08-06-04, 16:26
I bet. :)

Fortunately I did comprehend the joke - but if you had used a better example to illustrate the comedic point - for example, "it would generate more lift than a C5 Galaxy", or even "a Jumbo Jet" then the hillarity-meter may have oscillated in a small way.

The advantage of applying such logic to the construction of amusing anecdotes is that it often has the added effect of increasing the longevity of the quip, perhaps even becoming part of common speech.

Another advantage is that the image of a Supra, with it's notably large arse, combined with that of a heavy-lifter aircraft is one that can further entertain the passing reader.

As an interesting aside, I wonder if anyone has considered fitting a delta-wing spoiler to the back of a Supra - at lower speeds the traditional wing-tip vortices found on straighter aerofoils actually exist along the whole wing - therefore may help with low speed cornering, and grip out of bends.

At higher speeds the lower front profile shape would exert lower drag, improving performance.

You may even consider building in the Concorde-like camber and twist into the delta - to further coax the elusive vortex effect during all conditions.


08-06-04, 16:32
hum very intresting my freind and some very good points.
i think we have done this to death:innocent:

08-06-04, 16:35
LOL - long hot afternoons with no aircon.


08-06-04, 19:05
This is a very old thread to be ressurected considering I dont actually own that car anymore, Terry Saunders owns it and it has a TRD wing now instead.:)