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01-05-06, 16:46
Hey ,did'nt spot a newbie forum anywhere and the doodah at the top of the screen told me to say hello,so here i am...Hello!

My name is Bryan which my username will probably have pointed out to you :sly: and i am currently 19 years old driving a seat ibiza cupra sport 16v and residing just outside of Ednburgh.

I'm sure you are wondering what 19 year old is doing looking on a supra board and you are probably thinkin how much bloody money does this guy have!Well, not much is the answer but i am doing some reasearch into my next car of which i have narrowed the choices down to either a tt supra or a tt 300zx. i probably wont actually be buying until the later part of next year but i want to be prepared for what i am getting myself into, so if you see the odd question in the tech section then please be nice, sinc ei will probably be asking about something im unfamiliar with yet may be essential to me buying my next car.

Sorry for the essay by the way!!


01-05-06, 16:48
Welcome mate, have a read of the FAQ section, will help you with any questions aswell.

01-05-06, 16:49
afternoon nice to see a fellow scot on the forum, what part of the lothians you from?

01-05-06, 16:50
Hi Bryan,

Welcome to the forum :)

I believe there are several members who have had (maybe still do) both cars, so could give you their comparisons.

paul ashton
01-05-06, 16:50
Welcome matey,go soop tt,you won't regret it.

01-05-06, 16:55
welcome!!! Good luck with car search!!:)

01-05-06, 17:08
jeez that was quick!

most other forums im on everyone takes bloody ages to reply(not that im sad enough to keep checking back all the time :( )

cheers guys and i will take a look at the FAQ section in a wee bit.

JAMESMARK - i stay in midlothian in penicuik.nice and close to edinburgh.i will just have to curb the temptation to go out all the time and keep the spending to a minimum on the spanish monster so i can have this car within a year and a half. will need to show up my older brother y'see ;)

01-05-06, 17:12
i stay in musselburgh, my mate stays in penicuik, cuiken avenue i think thats the spelling accross from tesco (well up a bit), but i am in south yorkshire at moment with my better half