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23-04-06, 17:06
Hello everyone:) I have just joined as I am looking at buying my first Supra in the coming months. I have been an active member on the MR2 owners club for the last three years, but after a scary crash the day before my birthday, I decided that the next step in my Toyota evolution would have to be a Supra. Georgous cars.
Oh well enough rambling on from me, so again Hello from Anstruther (Bird Flu centre of GB):)

23-04-06, 17:19
:welcome: to the club Nev :thumbs:

paul ashton
23-04-06, 17:28
:welcome: Hi mate,good luck.

23-04-06, 17:30
Welcome Nev :cool:

Ian R
23-04-06, 18:38

Tom S
23-04-06, 19:32
Hola :welcome:

23-04-06, 19:43
:Welcome: mate! You'll love crashing Supe :tongue: :taped:

23-04-06, 20:03
Welcome mate, ex-MR2 owner here too - actually, moved up to the Supra but can't bring myself to sell the '2 so still have it !

You'll love the Supra, it's awesome :cool: