View Full Version : Proposal: Regular all-Hampshire meet

12-04-06, 11:45
After the varying success of the last two Basingstoke meets, I think it might be nice if we could build this into a regular monthly meet - a different meeting point, drive and pub each time. Perhaps even grow it into an all-Hampshire event.

I suggest the first Sunday of each month (unless that clashes with something big).

Locations, times and routes to follow, depending on indicated enthusiasm.

Let me know what you all think.

17-04-06, 21:50
sounds like a plan to me!

17-04-06, 21:54
Got a busy summer already but am sure we can get to some....

17-04-06, 22:46
Would be well up for that, gets me away from her indoors.:d :D :D

18-04-06, 10:23
I'll try make it :)

22-04-06, 20:40
OK, I'm looking at Sunday May 7th to meet at 3pm.

I'm open to suggestions on meeting points, drive and destination, but I'm thinking of these possibilities:

1: Meet at Hedge End Retail park etc Curries/ PC World, drive at Fishers Pond (Queen's Head pub)

2: Meet at Wickham Square, drive to Petersfield (Seven Stars pub)

3: Meet at Winchester Tesco, drive to Andover (White Hart pub)

The idea is that we can meet and chat, have a pleasant (Supra-friendly) drive to a family pub with good beer and preferably food, should anyone want to stay out and eat. I think the timings will work reasonably for an early-ish dinner, or give anyone time to duck back home if there's going to be a Sunday roast awaiting them...

OK, over to you guys...
What do you think?

24-04-06, 19:08
Sounds like a good idea to me...although I would question the Queens head and "good beer" :p - might suggest changing this to the Fox and Hounds at the top of Crowd Hill (about a mile from the QH)...

Wouldn't be able to do every meet, but would give it a good go!

25-04-06, 08:03
Sounds good. Was wondering if there was a meet in Portsmouth area, but petersfield, hedge end fine.

Just brough my first supra, picking it up on saturday. Cant wait to go for a spin.

25-04-06, 11:31
Sounds like a good idea to me...although I would question the Queens head and "good beer" :p - might suggest changing this to the Fox and Hounds at the top of Crowd Hill (about a mile from the QH)...

Wouldn't be able to do every meet, but would give it a good go!

What's the parking like?

25-04-06, 12:46
2 big car parks - one either side of the pub (one in front is best as it's near the beer garden :D ).

26-04-06, 15:22
any definate plans yet?

26-04-06, 15:27
Not yet - only one person has offered any comment on my proposals!

Come on - there's hundreds of us in Hampshire!

26-04-06, 22:51
any of those sound good to me
1 or 2 would be better for me

26-04-06, 23:31
same as squiffy, 1 or 2. bring it on..let go!

27-04-06, 13:10
OK, I'm opting for #1: Hedge End meet, drive up to Fisher's Pond and the Fox and Hounds Pub. Meeting at 3pm in the retail estate car park- there's a decent amount of space outside of the Homebase store.

Meet location is here:

Route is here:

I thought it might be a little more interesting to go out via Bishops Waltham, otherwise it's only a 5 minute trip...

27-04-06, 14:42
no 1 sounds good to me I'll prob be with a couple of civics and a scooby

27-04-06, 15:54
well, that day there is the local hampshire japanese club meet, im going to that,

its ujcc.co.uk

meeting is at rowhams services

28-04-06, 18:53
hows about we all go to the meet at the services and then head off to the pub afterwards, would get a bigger group i guess!

28-04-06, 21:32
How many are up for this, as of today?????:blink:

29-04-06, 10:39
OK, I'm counting six people at the moment:
1 Ark
2 Squiffy
3 Banherc
4 Teri
5 Stew123
6 Doeboy

Squiffy's idea seems good to me - they are meeting at 2pm at Rownhams Services, west bound, before heading off west. We can always meet there, before heading off east and continuing to Hedge End, as above.

So the route will look something like:

29-04-06, 16:48
sounds good - c u there :) hope its a gorgeous day like today

04-05-06, 17:08
Just seen this. Am I right that this is Sunday 7th May (ie this Sunday), 2PM at Rownham's Services just off M27. and we will be travelling East on the route as marked ending up at Fishers Pond??



04-05-06, 17:37
That's the plan.

06-05-06, 18:03
hope the crappy weather gets better!

06-05-06, 18:57
The forecast looks a little better than today...here's hoping!

Anyway, to re-cap for anyone:

2pm - Rownhams Services westbound
3pm - Hedge End retail park (Homebase car park)
~3:30 - 4pm - Fox and Hounds pub, Fishers Pond

See you tomorrow.

07-05-06, 10:42
Sorry Ark, didn't get any takers from SW for a convoy down and found out on Friday that my Aircon is bust and I need to save at least 500 to get it fixed :(

Hope you guys have a great day, weather looks good, would have been fun


07-05-06, 10:53
right have just been called out to slough to a breakdown... NO!!!!!!!
will hopefully be back in time to catch up later i hope

08-05-06, 10:41
was a really good meet - quite a few nice supra's :D the evening session was FANTASTIC except the police turned up quite early but haven't had that much fun in ages.

08-05-06, 12:56
i am well hacked off i missed it, did the job in slough and would have made it back in time to meet at hedge end but then got sent to the middle of bloody london!!!!