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07-04-06, 19:39
If anyone hasnt got owt to do next Saturday on the easter weekend I have a few people from my club meeting up at the retail outlet in Swindon,To give you and idea we have a large car park sectioned off and there will be a few of out better cars on the line up going from the pedestrian crossing towards the food hall plus a car park between Steam and the outlet so we have acres of space!,All of this is with permission from the outlet centre and we also have the local radio station coming down to do a few live interviews with owners of some mad cars so if you fancy coming down the PM me and I will send you links and times of when its all going on!

07-04-06, 20:24
pm'd :)

09-04-06, 20:29
As strange as this may sound that after putting the post up going directly from the main forum to the south west thinking that Swindon would be covered under this I realise that by clicking on national events first that Swindon comes under south region but why has this been moved into the midlands section??

Can this please be moved to the south section???

11-04-06, 12:07
I would like to come along and support the meeting, what time does it kick off? Don't own a supra yet but very soon! Maybe I can get some questions answerd from owners?

11-04-06, 16:27
We will be there all day,Starting from 9 until 7 pm so come along and have a chat!

11-04-06, 21:52
:) can you pm me the details please

mr lover
11-04-06, 22:17
i will try and get down there sometime saturday morning, as long as it is not p*ssing down:)