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07-07-01, 22:12
Is the HKS Twin Power worth purchasing. I'm aiming to get the most out of my fuel - without upping the amount I use! I understand from the blurb that it extends the duration of the spark. This I would assume means that it can help you reduce immisions and maybe improve the whole ignition system by burning the mixture better and more efficiently.

Is that right?
Are there any downsides?
I have a over sized battery do I need to keep it to make use of this system?
Would I have to remap my fueling and maybe even invest in an HKS Fcon or an Apex'i AFC to make sure I got the best out of this upgrade?
Is there a better alternative?

I'm not gunna boost my fueling system so making the best of what's there is what I want to do..... am I barking up the wrong tree?


09-07-01, 16:37
Looks like I've either stumped the group or I'm barking up the wrong tree so far that no-one feels it's even worth correcting me!!! DOH

09-07-01, 17:18
I think I know the thing you are talking about, I dont know anybody in the UK who has one, a few guys in the US tried it and didnt really rave about it.

Your are talking about the thing thats supposed to double the strength of the spark from the spark plug arent you?

09-07-01, 17:23
Yeah, I think so, T*i, have it on their site, I think it extends the life of the spark so that it sparks for longer and hotter.

I was going to use it in conjunction with the HKS spark plugs I have already got.


09-07-01, 17:28
in that case, no I dont know if it helps, and it looks like nobody else has used it either. I would be interested to see if it really does work.

I was amazed the other day when Redline magazine ripped the pss out of the crap tuning parts like a turbo-zet, splitfire ignition leads and other bits like that. Very brave thing to do for a mag that relies on those companies for advertising.


09-07-01, 17:31
"turbo-zet", what's one of them then?


09-07-01, 18:58
I've never used the HKS twin-power whatsit and I strongly suspect it is incompatible with the MKIV's ignition-coil setup.

The MKIV ignition system is perfectly adequate for the task in hand. The only ignition "issue" is the advent of a possible high-boost misfire under certain conditions.

The cure for this is to re-gap the plugs to 0.85 mm.

As for the plugs themselves, if you believe all the hype, there are Nippon Denso plugs available each with a nice little HKS logo on them for about 15 each.

Alternatively, if you believe Powerhouse Racing in the US who regularly produce sub ten-second streetable MKIV's then you'll be wanting the NGK's at around a fiver.

A Turbo-Zet is a 12 volt electric fan, about the size of a computer PSU cooling fan, that claims to be some type of electric supercharger.


11-07-01, 10:18
Ash is right, the turbozet is a PC cooling fan which is supposed to push more air or fuel or something into the engine. Obviously its a great modification on a forced induction car which would probably just suck the innards out of the zet and throw them through the engine!!

A while back Redline magazine has a car in there that had twin turbo-zets and they said it gave them 20bhp extra....


11-07-01, 11:13
So the turbozet thing is a shite fad piece of crap which no one in there right mind would buy..... That's all I wanted to know!! I had a feeling it was going to be something rediculous!

Cheers Guy's

Also, I don't think I'll bother with the twin power now, as I don't think it will do much for a car which is as close to stock as mine is. Thanks for the advice.


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