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10-03-06, 18:08
Goodwood Track Day - Saturday 25 March 2006
Mark Stevens from Track Masters has managed to get a Saturday gig at Goodwood for a Pre Easter blast. Although the day has been primarily arranged for/by Subarus, it is a mixed-marque event and already various other cars - including a Lotus 190 Motorsport, Evo VI, Westfield and TVR Chimera - have confirmed their attendance, but so far a distinct lack of Supras! Details are as follows:

The cost will be a reasonable 200 (the driver may use up to two cars on the day) with just 9 cars running on track at any one time.

Co Drivers 20 (based on sharing track time with main driver)

Free ARDs instruction available (please book in advance)

No charge for up to two passengers or for spectators

Professional photographers in attendance

Discounted track insurance and helmet hire can be arranged

98db static at 0.5 metres from the exhaust at 3/4 maximum revs and 96db drive by , 36 car maximum 9 cars on track maximum (to avoid aggregated noise issues). If there are no noise issues on the we might be able to run 10 cars at any one time.

Format for the day:
* 08:30 Briefing
* 09:00 Track Opens (Groups in Morning until 12:30)
* 12:30 Lunch
* 13:30 Track Opens (Open pit lane)
* 17:00 Track closes

So, if you fancy a blast around Goodwood (an internationally reknowned and great track) and a good day out, either contact Mark Stevens (mark@track-masters.co.uk) or put your name down here and I'll pass the list across. Payment details are available upon request from me or from Mark. Go on, you know you want to - what better way to burn all your petrol and shred your tyres?

Just remember this is not a race to settle the endless "Supras are faster than Scoobies" issue!!!

13-03-06, 22:09
Goodwood is a fantastic day out for all events, i really recomend peeps go :)

14-03-06, 18:31
Damn this is on my patch, unfortunately got a stag do on that day:(

Have fun.

15-03-06, 11:51
Come one guys, still about 10 places available.
It's a good deal, and it's always worth getting the FREE instruction - makes a huge difference to your appreciation of the car, even just driving on the road.

For those who are worried about the wear and tear on the car, or the risk of crashing, just be aware that if you are a beginner you won't be pushing _that_ hard anyway, so you are unlikely to damage your car. The only incidents I've ever seen on track have been through drivers pushing too hard, taking liberties, or being just plain stupid - the kind of behaviour that gets you politely invited to leave.