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03-02-03, 20:37
Has anyone got the Apexi RSM with the G sensor and actually set up the loss power thing? It's got a mode where you put it in neutral and let the car coast and it draws a graph of the loss. You can then adjust the loss in PS for each increment of 10Kph to match the plotted line. Only snag is you need a flat straight road to coast down while everyone wonders what the hell you're doing ! :rolleyes:

I had a quick go but the losses it plotted seemed pretty high for a manual RWD car. The instructions aren't exactly clear either, so maybe I was doing it wrong ?

09-07-04, 07:46
hello mate just asking if you could help me out got an rsm but need the settings for my jap spec 94 tt auto if you no them or some one who does would be great cheers gary.

09-07-04, 08:18
I've not got as far as that, or any of the features really - still seeking a test track to do all the bits and pieces.

I'll give it a go over the weekend and let you know, I'm an auto though so my results might be different.

26-01-05, 11:35
Old thread dig up time!

Did anyone get anywhere with this?

I've got it all set up apart from this loss stuff. I'm guessing its important as its currently showing my power as being -325ps.

Yes negative!

What the hell does that mean? I'm reversing really quickly?!

26-01-05, 11:40
I sold mine to make room for the SAFC II, I didn't use it much so I can't help.

26-01-05, 13:05
Give Paul (slowdog) a call - he has just fitted another or these